Arabian Fried Chicken is fast food based concept restaurant which started its operation from Coimbatore city, in the year 2012. We are offering a wide range of Fried Chicken menu and also serve delicious Vegetarian Sandwiches and Burgers so as not to disappoint the Vegans. You and your family could confidently step into our restaurant, we ensure quality delicacies from around the globe with the magic touch of organic Indian spices.


We all eat only FRESH FOOD.
Fresh, natural food like farm fresh chicken, vegetables and fruit. Food quality is very important – We're mindful about where our chicken, eggs, vegetables and ingredients come from, and try to buy organic local produce as often as possible.


We always focus on three important food quality standards:

  • Employees understand the importance of hand washing and preventing any type of bacteria transfer to the foods.
  • Time and temperature combination of foods don’t exceed any unsafe requirements.
  • All food processing equipment is properly cleaned and maintained every day.